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Security / Sticking Points

How quickly would Israeli troops withdraw from a Palestinian state? 

In peace talks, Palestinians have stressed that Israeli withdrawal should have a set timeframe, and they have argued for a transition of no more than two to five years. 

Israel insists on a lengthier transition, perhaps lasting decades, dependent on Palestinian security effectiveness. The Netanyahu government supports an indefinite presence in the Jordan Valley and possible elsewhere in the West Bank

How would Israel counter threats within the Palestinian state in an emergency?

Israel insists on the right to unilateral intervention, should the security situation demand it.

The Palestinians have opposed what they consider an incursion on their sovereignty. 

What would prevent invasion or infiltration from the Palestinian border with Jordan?

The Palestinians have opposed a long-term Israeli force, seeing it as undermining Palestinian sovereignty. However, they have been open to a multinational force in the Jordan Valley. 

Israel has little confidence in the effectiveness of a multinational force, and insists on maintaining its own  long-term presence in the Jordan Valley.

Who would guard Palestinian coastline and airspace?

Israel has pushed for control of all both, to prevent infiltration by terrorists or hostile forces.

The Palestinians have strongly disagreed. 

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