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Security / Bridging Proposals (based on CNAS report)

The Center for New American Security published a 2016 report titled "A Security System for a Two-State Solution." (full report)

The bridging proposal was based on the 2013-2014 U.S.-led work under the command of Gen. John Allen.

How quickly would Israeli troops withdraw from a Palestinian state? 

A phased process over 10 - 15 years, based on performance benchmarks for the Palestinian forces. Disputes would be resolved by a task force of Americans, Israelis and Palestinians. 

How would Israel counter threats within the Palestinian state in an emergency?

Intelligence cooperation between Israel, the Palestinians, the US, Jordan, and Egypt would identify threats and coordinate a response from the Palestinian counter-terror force, with the option of Israeli counter-terror and air support. Suspects would be detained and prosecuted by a joint Israeli-Palestinian counter-terror mechanism. 

If Israeli and Palestinian officials disagree on the proper response, a side agreement with the U.S. would guarantee American support for Israeli unilateral intervention under certain criteria.

What would prevent invasion or infiltration from the Palestinian border with Jordan?

Initially, Israelis would control the border, but with a less visible presence. Later, a U.S.-led multinational force could guard the border, bolstered by Palestinian security forces with Israeli remote monitoring and early warning stations and sensors in the West Bank.  A limited, independent Israeli force could also be possible.

Who would guard Palestinian coastline and airspace?

Palestinians would have airspace sovereignty up to 10,000 feet in altitude, so that Israel could defend both states from aerial attacks without interfering with Palestinian aviation. 

In the Mediterranean, the Palestinians could have a seaport —potentially on a man-made island several miles from the mainland — overseen by Palestinian and multinational forces, with coordination with Israel. Security would be augmented by a “sea fence” and an outer layer of Israeli security.

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