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About Is Peace Still Possible?

After countless wars, dozens of failed negotiations, hundreds of UN resolutions, thousands of casualties, and countless missed opportunities, the conventional wisdom is that Israelis and Palestinians are too far apart — that their interests are too divergent — to ever arrive at a peace agreement.

This site puts you at the negotiating table.


Drawing on the collective wisdom of former negotiators and military officials, politicians and legal scholars, architects and urban planners, we lay out the genuine concerns of both sides, determine the real obstacles to achieving peace, and explore potential solutions to these seemingly intractable challenges.


You decide. 

The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace works with leaders, policymakers, and constituencies in the United States and the Middle East to help reach a just and comprehensive peace that will bring an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict. To further this mission, the Center’s activities include meetings with government officials, travel in the region, diplomatic exchanges, conferences, and workshops. The Center also supports negotiations through its exhaustive database of maps, geographical data, and public opinion polls, which are often used by top decision makers.

The Center facilitates conversations to bridge differences between the parties, leading educational outreach initiatives, and demonstrating that peace with security is possible.

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